Build Your

Medical ErgoPractice

Suffering neck pain caused by an unnatural working posture is not a job requirement.
Poor working posture not only causes painful health problems but can shorten your active
career. SurgiTel’s ergonomic products are designed to avoid stress, strain
and injury thorough better working postures.

The SurgiTel

Medical Ergonomic Advantage

  • Patented posture enhancing technology
  • Weight distributing frames for all day comfort
  • Our Oakley partnership provides both sturdy and stylish frames
  • One stop for all you need to build your Custom Medical ErgoPractice

Next Generation Loupe Technology

  • The lightest loupes
  • The best loupe posture
  • The most magnification options
  • Truly customized TTL and FLM options

Next Generation LED Technology

  • Powerful LED technology
  • Uniform beam/multi-lens technology - Patented
  • True co-axial illumination for a shadowless working area
  • Headband or on-loupe-mounting

Loupes with Eye Protection

  • X-Ray protection lenses, recommended for imaging procedures
  • Laser filters, prescription or regular lens options
  • Image enhancement filters, for enhanced color and contrast
  • Polarizing filters, for glare reduction and enhanced clarity

Share & Document Procedures

  • Capture on video your work as you see it
  • The first loupe-mounted, patented digital video camera system
  • Digitally document every step of your procedure, clearly recording the surgeon's process

Loupe-Mounted Xenon Headlights

  • For strongest beam strength
  • Use with or without loupes
  • Compatible with your current Xenon power source