Loupe Refurbishment

When your loupes keep working, that means you keep working! The best way to make sure your loupes continue to provide the best images of your work is to start a refurbishing schedule. As the manufacturers, we can easily recognize what might go wrong soon and fix issues even before they happen!

To ensure that your loupes are kept in "tip-top" shape we recommend that you schedule a loupe refurbishment once a year.

Loupe Refurbishment includes:

  • Detailed inspection
  • Professional, detailed cleaning
  • Hinge replacement (FLM)
  • Replacement of small parts where possible
  • Side-shield replacement
  • Retainer strap replacement 
  • Carrying case cleaning
  • Evaluate loupe alignment

Contact us at 1-800-959-0153 now to tell us of any upcoming time away from the office and we will schedule your refurbishment now!

For Your Reference,
The Detailed Refurbishment Process:

1. Call Customer Service at to get an RMA number. You will put this RMA number on your package.

  • Please DO NOT return any product without first obtaining an RMA number!

2. Disinfect your loupes. To avoid a $50.00 service charge, you MUST disinfect your loupes. Refer to your user's guide for the disinfecting procedure.

3. Repackage the product and all accessories and the printed and signed disinfection form. Write the RMA number on the package in an obvious place. This ensures timely processing and tracking. To avoid unexpected charges, please make sure all items are accounted for. Missing items cannot be credited.

4. Send the package to SurgiTel
77 Enterprise Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48103


The information above may not be applicable to customers outside of the United States