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"Simply waving your hand in front of the light will turn it off or on. This translates to an aseptic advantage since you don't have to touch the battery pack or any on/off switch."
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Dental Product Shopper: Best Product 2012

4.8 stars out of 5 stars qualifying our Micro LED Headlight as one of the best products of the year!
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"I first met Dr. B.J. Chang, the president of SurgiTel, in the mid-1990's, I quickly realized that he was passsionate about eliminating the neck shoulder, and back pain that dentists have suffered from..."
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“Like most surgeons, I used traditional loupes from a leading loupe company since my residency. They are heavy and force me to excessively tilt my heads, straining neck, shoulder, and upper back during long and stressful operations. Over time I developed herniated cervical discs at C6 and C7. Since using the SurgiTel loupes, I am able to stand perfectly upright with shoulders relaxed. The SurgiTel loupes have simply saved my career.”

-Raymond L. Singer, MD, FACS, FACC, FCCP

“SurgiTel telescopes have significantly changed my posture during operations, allowing me to stand straighter and helping my lower back and neck problems.”

-William B. Iams, MD

“ I am a head and neck surgeon. To have a better vision of the laryngeal nerves and the parathyroid glands I decided to buy a Surgitel magnifier loupes (x 3.5) at least 15 years ago. They were and still are very useful for thyroid and parathyroid surgery. A year ago, because they fell down and its support was broken, I decided to replace them and buy new ones at the Clinical Congress (2014). I went to your booth, but your prices were a lot higher than other companies. So I bought cheaper ones. They didn’t work as properly as the previous ones, so I kept using yours (I fixed them the best I could). Finally, I decided to buy, even if they were more expensive, new Surgitel loupes. To take home: talking about technology, many times what looks cheaper, ends up being more expensive. ”

-Daniel DeBonis, MD, FACS

“SurgiTel loupes have made so much difference in my practice. Their loupes are comfortable, help me keep appropriate posture, and are easy to use. In the past I've tried other loupes and found them awkward and difficult to use, so I ended up avoiding using them. SurgiTel makes this easy and I find myself wanting to use loupes for procedures I wouldn't have used them in before. The ability to go between magnification and non-magnification during a procedure is a huge benefit and they are comfortable to wear during long procedures.”

-Mike Karlin, DVM

“"I have used the saddle chair for over a year now and it is fabulous. It allows me to have a relaxed posture for the entire day delivering patient care. I have it adjusted perfectly for when I sit with the patient reclined low in the chair, and for those rare patients that won't let me lay them all the way back, I can elevate it so I can be in a supported half standing-sitting position.”

-Nancy J. Miller, RDH BA

“Prior to using SurgiTel surgical telescopes, I had experienced serious neck problems. When I equipped myself with SurgiTel utilizing co-axial lighting, my neck problems went away.”

-Patrick L. Roetzer, DDS, FICD

 “I have both Orascoptic and Designs for Vision loupes, and find SurgiTel loupes far superior to both.”

-David C. Jones, DMD

“I have been a hygienist for 25 years.  Prior to using SurgiTel loupes, I was experiencing headaches, and neck and shoulder pain. I used an arthritic medicine along with a muscle relaxant so that I could continue working.”

-Julia Choy, RDH
Ms. Choy is no longer taking a muscle relaxant.

“I am pleased to have received authorization from the Department of Labor and Industries to order SurgiTel telescopes for my client.”

-Anita Forester, BS
Vocational Consultant Ms. Forester’s client is a hygienist who has a serious neck problem. 

“SurgiTel loupes help me to stand straighter. The micro-mini fiber optic light works well and is extremely lightweight as well. I have retired my old headlight.”

-David Greene, MD

 “The degree of comfort with the loupes, clip-on headlight, and filter (image enhancement filter) is drastically better than any of our available systems.”

-Gerald B. Zelenock, MD

After gaining the discipline required to properly using my SurgiTel loupes my back pain disappeared, my neck was no longer stiff, and the shooting pain that I occasionally experienced down my left arm went away.”

-Warren J. Kaplan, DDS

 "[I have] SurgiTel Micro 250 loupes with [a] headlight that I have been using since December 2012 in my oral surgery practice. Apart from the optics, every part has been replaced once if not several times: the Oakley frames and perspex, the rope, the rubber nose piece, the LED, the battery pack and the charger. I even managed to crack the pivot slide recently by wearing the loupes on top of my head and banging them into a door frame. I was supplied with a replacement by the local supplier over here and fitted it myself. 

All of this is not any kind of criticism; it just reflects the wear and tear that goes on because of its daily use for the last size and a half years. The optics themselves seem as good as the day that I started using the loupes.

I recently got delivery of the Wireless Air light and find it outstanding. The lack of brightness adjustability does not affect me because I use the light on full power to see deep into wisdom tooth sockets. There are also a couple of unexpected benefits. It is now easier to pack away the loupes in their box as the LED detaches completely and goes in its own box. Sounds like a small thing but I really appreciate it. I no longer have to charge the battery at home. The three battery set up of the Wireless is plug and play as it were and the working time for each battery is good. 


Finally, I have tried on other loupes at trade shows and find that none of them have the depth of field of SurgiTel, in fact not even close. This is the number one attribute that makes my loupes so usable and flexible ..."

-Justin Moloney, B.Dent. Sc., MFD RCSI, D. Ch. Dent. (Oral Surgery), FFD RCSI (OS)