Micro Line

Lightest full-feature loupes in the industry
2.5x - 4.5x

Magnification Options

Mounting Options

Micro 2.5x
   Micro 3.0x
   Micro Prism 3.0x
(Micro EVK 300)
   Micro Prism 3.5x
(Micro EVK 350)
   Micro Prism 4.5x
(Micro EVK 450)
 TTL and FLM
Mounting Options

Frame Options


SurgiTel offers a variety of stylish and sturdy frames for your loupes.


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Joe Blaes, DDS in Pearls for Your Practice

Specification Notes

Depth-of-field (DoF) – achievable DoF will vary according to:

  • Eye accommodation capability
  • Working distance; longer working distance = longer DoF

Field Size (FS) – achievable FS will vary according to:

  • How close the ocular is to the eye
  • Working Distance; longer working distance = more FS

Eye Prescriptions

  • If you use any kind of prescriptive or corrective lenses (distance, reading, "drugstore readers"), you must submit your prescription to SurgiTel for you to see through your loupe correctly.
  • Prescriptions may only be upgraded by SurgiTel or your local optometrist.

Oculars shown to relative size