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In your practice you will buy at least two things for your work: Your loupes and your chair. Together these tools determine your posture, either good or bad. SurgiTel's loupes work together with these chairs and stools to produce the correct posture. This combination is required to fully prevent neck and back strains, pains and injuries. With multiple adjustments for seat, arm and back these chairs are designed to fit both you and your work.

RGP Brand Seating:
As SurgiTel is the expert on loupes and lights, RGP Seating is the expert on ergonomic stools and chairs. In order to provide you with the Total Ergonomic Package, SurgiTel has partnered with RGP to provide you with more solutions for your practice in one visit.

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Protect your lower back by promoting the best posture with RGP Brand chairs and stools!

Operator Stools

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The 400-D Hybrid

Enhanced with waterfall seat and thicker cushioning

The 400-D

Featuring "active seating" which moves with the user


The benefits of a straddle with the extra support of a full backrest

RGP Straddle Stool

A slim design to get closer to your patients

Assistant Stools

The RGP Assistant Stool

Providing support for unique body positioning

RGP Assistant Straddle

Adapated for a supporting, assistant arm

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